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I am a combat veteran. I know first hand how difficult it is to transition from military to civilian life. I understand how communication, comradery, professionalism, accountability, and blunt honesty become things that no longer seem valuable once you return home. After training to become a soldier, relearning how to become a civilian again is one of the most difficult challenges a vet will have. I understand the importance of being able to engage with a therapist who understands you because they might have been exposed to some of the things you struggle with. I utilize my story to build relationships with those I consider brothers for life. I assist them with becoming healthier versions of their selves for them and their family. My experience after leaving the military became my passion for wanting to become a therapist; there was not enough of US supporting US. I am honored to be in position to provide veterans with genuine therapeutic support. I also aid with acquiring educational benefits, navigating VA resources, and with understanding the unintuitive disability claims process. Let’s get you squared away!

For 24/7 support veterans can also reach the Veterans Crisis Line by dialing 988 and then pressing 1

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