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About Us

Devone Monts

LCSW Owner/Director of Clinical Operations

In addition to the complexities of life, there has been significant events that have occurred within our society. These issues include wars, recessions, pandemics, social injustice and the rise and impact of social media, our society collectively has been through "a lot." There has been a surge in mental health awareness that has thankfully led to the importance of seeking help. I am a leading therapist with a focus on traumas, relationships, transitioning, anxiety and depression. My goal is to destigmatize mental health by providing services that are relatable, professional, impactful, and most importantly beneficial.
I am a Combat Veteran and licensed clinician with over 7 years of counseling & human service experience. I am a leader, speaker, and wellness coach with a vested interest in helping others heal. I value a person-centered approach and whole heartedly believe that everyone possesses the ability to rediscover themselves via personal growth and self- awareness.
I understand the challenges that life presents. I am of the mindset that what we go through is what we grow through. Many people have had to be strong because they had no other choice; this is exhausting. Life is a revolving door of experiences that ultimately shape who become. It is my pleasure to support you on your journey of things coming Full Circle.

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