We try our best to meet the needs of our clients in a setting tailored to their comfort and schedules

Accepting Virtual and In-Person Clients

Insurances Accepted

Out of Pocket Fee Options:

Individual In Person

$ 120 per Session

Virtual Session

$ 120 per Session

Couples Session:

$ 160 per session

Insurances Accepted

Currently In-Network

Therapy Platform: I utilize Therapy Notes to secure all my client information. Therapy notes provides a safe and secure mental health platform that mitigates risks of client’s information being unsecured. Once the initial session is established, a client portal within Therapy Notes will be created which will then generate documentation for new clints to complete prior to their first session.

Current Insurances Accepted:

Diverse people in a support group

Working Hours


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Great Question, The answer is, there is no specific answer. The time everyone spends in therapy is specific to their own journey and how long it takes for things to come…Full Circle.
Healthy Love is the best Love

New Services Coming Soon

We are growing, and so are our services! We are currently collecting data in hopes of identifying the need for the services we hope to implement in the near future. Please provide your information and indicate which of the following services you would be interested in, Thank You!

Matchmaking Services

Many people want to LOVE but not enough people understand the importance of HEALTHY LOVE. I will bridge the gap between mental health and dating by thoroughly vetting, engaging, and aligning interested parties with those who parallel their preparedness for dating. Full Circle LLC will connect you to the LOVE and PEACE that you deserve.